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6 Interesting Facts About Your Teeth

August 20, 2023

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Close up of smiling woman’s teethYou probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your teeth, unless you have something caught between them. However, your teeth are actually pretty interesting. Life wouldn’t be the same if not for your teeth. Here are 6 facts you may not know about your pearly whites.


Alleviating Anxiety: When Will Your Dentures Be Ready?

July 28, 2023

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A older woman smiling with her dentures

Getting dentures can be a life-changing experience, especially if you’ve lived most of it with bad teeth. There are also numerous benefits to wearing them beyond smile aesthetics like restored speech and preventing facial collapse. If there are so many benefits, why are many people anxious when it comes to getting them?

For some, it can be the stigma of feeling “old” for wearing them, but more commonly it’s the fear of going without teeth while your gums heal from tooth extraction.

If you’re one of those people, continue reading to see what your options are to reduce your anxiety and get back to living life.


The Difference Between Crowns and Fillings

July 14, 2023

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person thinking about the difference between crowns and fillings

Smile restoration may become imperative for a range of reasons, including cavities, injuries, or severe tooth infections. In such scenarios, dental crowns and fillings often serve as go-to solutions. While they share similar objectives on occasion, there exist substantial differences between these two dental treatments. It’s vital to gain a clear understanding of these procedures to make informed choices regarding your oral well-being. Keep reading as we delve into the distinctions between crowns and fillings and their respective roles in enhancing and restoring your smile.


Medications That Can Cause Tooth Decay

June 19, 2023

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Woman holding a pill and glass of waterMedications can keep you healthy and feeling your best, but some can leave a lasting mark on your smile. Although antihistamines, pain medications, and other drugs are beneficial, they can increase your risk of tooth decay and other oral health problems. You can’t stop taking some medications, but you don’t have to leave your teeth and gums at risk. Here’s how you can safeguard your pearly whites from medications you rely on.


Should You Go to the ER for a Dental Emergency?

June 9, 2023

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Woman with dental emergency at dentistNo one ever expects to have a dental emergency, but they’re quite common. 1 in 6 Americans has a dental emergency every year. If you’re one of the unlucky few, it can be a stressful situation, but don’t panic! Although instinct may tell you to head to the closest hospital, there isn’t much the ER can do for you. Instead, here’s why you shouldn’t waste time contacting an emergency dentist.


4 Things to Bring Up at Your Next Dental Checkup

May 25, 2023

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A smiling woman attending a dental checkup

There’s a good chance you tend to be passive at dental visits. After all, many patients just want these appointments to end – they’re eager to move to other tasks. Still, you’re better off when actively engaging with the dentist. Bringing up relevant aspects of your life ensures your mouth stays healthy. Still, you may wonder what to tell your dentist at a dental checkup. Well, here are four such factors you should mention on your next visit.


Why See Your Dentist Before Your Summer Vacation?

April 19, 2023

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A smiling young woman in a swimsuit and beach hat

With May nearly here, you’re likely eager for a summer trip. That would make sense – it’s easy to get excited and have “fun in the sun” as soon as possible. Still, you should take some precautions. In particular, try seeing your dentist before your summer vacation. This visit will make the time away from work or school even better. To learn why that’s the case, let your San Antonio dentist explain. Here are several reasons to see the dentist ahead of summer fun.


What Makes Dental Implants Successful?

April 12, 2023

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A dentist explaining the sources of dental implant success

If you’ve heard of dental implants, you likely know they’re highly successful. After all, these replacement teeth have a long-term success rate of over 95%! Still, maybe you’re curious about the reasons for dental implant success. Learning them can determine if the restorations suit you. Fortunately, getting the correct answers isn’t hard; your local San Antonio dentist will happily explain. Here, then, are three key factors behind dental implants’ staggering success.


3 Common Reasons Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed

March 13, 2023

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impacted wisdom tooth

It’s time to visit your dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning. You express some concern about minor pain toward the back of your mouth and after a thorough review of your X-rays, you learn that certain teeth, your third molars, are impacted and causing discomfort. Shocked by the news, you learn you’ll need to undergo oral surgery to have them extracted. If you are wondering why wisdom teeth need to be removed, you’re not alone. Many patients ask the same question, but a dentist is here to share three of the most common reasons so that your oral health does not remain at risk.


How to Prepare for your Next Dental Checkup

February 9, 2023

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Dentist talking to a patient

It’s recommended that patients see their dentist for checkups biannually, but life is busy, and unfortunately, many people see their dentist less often than that.

Some people make the trip way less often. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, you might wonder how best to handle the appointment. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your upcoming checkup that can make your and your dentist’s life easier.

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