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Safety Protocols

At Laith Family Dentistry, our top priority is protecting the health and safety of our patients and the communities we serve. While statewide policy has changed, our dental office protocol has not. Mask use in our office will remain. We will continue to expect everyone to wear masks while in our office. Additionally, we will still require all our dental team to wear masks while at work. The CDC, state and local health officials strongly advise the use of masks or facial coverings in public spaces as a proven way to prevent the spread of Covid-19. To help keep everyone healthy, we’ve had several safety protocols in place since the early days of the pandemic, and we will continue these efforts.

Throughout the pandemic, we are thankful that we’ve seen strong compliance with mask wearing at our dental office. For those patients without masks we will give them one. We ask for kindness and understanding.

Safety protocols we’ve had in place throughout the pandemic include:

  • wearing masks
  • proper hand washing
  • sanitization
  • social distancing

Let’s keep wearing masks, to protect yourself and our community!

Thank you,

Dr. Kadamani and Laith Family Dental Team