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5 Reasons to Schedule Your Dental Checkup Early in 2024

December 14, 2023

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At the start of the year, your schedule may be jam-packed with to-dos – from creating a new workout regimen to preparing to go back to school. Still, it’s important to add your first dental visit of 2024 to the calendar. If you’re thinking about putting it off instead, then keep reading for five reasons to schedule your dental checkup early in the year!

1. Your Dental Checkup Includes an Oral Cancer Screening

Since the entire process only takes about 30 seconds, many patients forget that their biannual dental checkup includes an oral cancer screening. That’s why your routine visits benefit your oral and overall health! After taking a look at the floor of your mouth, your tongue, and the back of your throat, your dentist will let you know if they see anything that warrants a follow-up visit with your primary care physician.

2. Your Dental Checkup Helps Prevent Gum Disease

Currently, about 50% of American adults have gum disease. Don’t let its prevalence confuse you; it’s a condition that can lead to serious consequences if left unchecked, like tooth loss. The good news is that your biannual appointments ensure that your dental team catches warning signs of an infection early on, allowing them to intervene before it progresses to that point.

3. Your Dental Checkup Catches Cavities in the Early Stages

In addition to examining the condition of your gums, your dentist looks at each tooth during your biannual visits. If they notice any signs of damage – from a small crack to a large cavity – they can bring it to your attention, share their treatment recommendations, and intervene with the necessary restorative care before it hurts.

4. Your Dental Checkup Is Included in Your Dental Benefits

Although dental benefits aren’t the same from patient to patient, they almost always include preventive dentistry. So, scheduling your dental checkup early in the year ensures that your valuable dollars go toward your smile instead of into your dental insurance provider’s pockets. If you have any questions about maximizing your coverage to the fullest, just ask your dental team!

5. Your Dental Checkup Is a Great Time to Ask Questions

Patients often try to get in and out of their dentist’s office as quickly as possible. However, this is a great time to ask questions! Whether you would like a refresher on how to brush properly or you want to learn about floss alternatives, like a water flosser, don’t hesitate to talk to your dental team at your appointment.

About the Practice

Whether it’s been six months since your last checkup or six years, our team at Laith Family Dentistry is here to provide you with the compassionate, personalized, and meticulous dental care you deserve. Plus, we go the extra mile to make each visit pleasant, which is why we have special treatment rooms designed just for kids and offer extended evening appointments every Wednesday. If you would like to schedule your next dental checkup and cleaning, then visit our website or call (210) 782-6842.

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