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6 Interesting Facts About Your Teeth

August 20, 2023

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Close up of smiling woman’s teethYou probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your teeth, unless you have something caught between them. However, your teeth are actually pretty interesting. Life wouldn’t be the same if not for your teeth. Here are 6 facts you may not know about your pearly whites.

1. Enamel is Harder Than Some Metals

Your teeth are composed of 3 layers: the enamel, dentin, and pulp. Your enamel is the hard outer layer that protects the underlying dentin and pulp. It is the hardest substance in your body and is stronger than some metals; however, it isn’t indestructible.

2. Every Mouth is Unique

Did you know that no two smiles are identical? Every mouth is as unique as fingerprints, which is why forensic professionals can use impressions of teeth to solve cases or identify remains.

3. Missing Teeth Cause Bone Loss

Every tooth is essential for a healthy, functional smile. Losing even a single tooth can have devastating consequences for your oral health. You can lose up to 25% of your jaw’s density within the first year of missing a tooth because it’s not being stimulated by the root. Your jaw will continue to deteriorate as time passes, increasing your risk of additional tooth loss and changing your facial structure.

4. White Teeth Aren’t Always Healthy

White teeth might look healthy, but you can’t judge a book by its cover. Teeth come in a variety of shades and tones naturally. Although a bright smile is associated with good oral health, that’s not always the case. Many dental issues aren’t visible to an untrained eye, like enamel loss, gum disease, or fractures.

5. Enamel Doesn’t Grow Back

Your enamel is incredibly strong, but it can’t regenerate. Once your enamel is lost, it’s gone for good. At most, it can remineralize, but a chipped tooth will never grow back. Even minor enamel loss can leave your tooth vulnerable to sensitivity, bacteria, and infections. It’s not an issue you want to ignore.

6. Cavities Are Preventable

92% of adults have had at least one cavity. Although tooth decay is common, cavities are almost 100% preventable. Good oral hygiene at home, a healthy diet, and regular care from your dentist can safeguard your smile from decay.

Your overall wellness and quality of life rely on healthy teeth. Give your smile the attention it deserves to ensure your teeth last for a lifetime.

About Dr. Racha W. Kadamani

Dr. Kadamani earned her dental degree at the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry and has regularly continued her education to provide the latest innovations in dentistry. She is a member of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association. Request an appointment through her website or call (210) 880-6438.

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