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Alleviating Anxiety: When Will Your Dentures Be Ready?

July 28, 2023

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A older woman smiling with her dentures

Getting dentures can be a life-changing experience, especially if you’ve lived most of it with bad teeth. There are also numerous benefits to wearing them beyond smile aesthetics like restored speech and preventing facial collapse. If there are so many benefits, why are many people anxious when it comes to getting them?

For some, it can be the stigma of feeling “old” for wearing them, but more commonly it’s the fear of going without teeth while your gums heal from tooth extraction.

If you’re one of those people, continue reading to see what your options are to reduce your anxiety and get back to living life.

Denture Adventure

The longest journey begins with a single step. In this case, it’s deciding to commit to your treatment. It can be difficult to think about losing your teeth to accommodate a prosthetic, but if your dentist has recommended dentures as a solution for your oral health, it’s best to accept their expert advice.

No dentist wants to see a person suffer, so they base their recommendations on what will give their patients the best quality of life going forward.

While the process may be long, and you may have feelings of embarrassment while you go through it, know that they will quickly pass once the process is complete. Seeing your new smile in the mirror for the first time will make it all worth it.

The Importance of Temporary Prosthetics

With all that being said, it’s possible to skip being without teeth after extraction. Depending on the type of dentures you’re receiving, you could walk out of the office with temporary tooth replacements acting as a bandage while your gums heal.

After that, it usually takes just a few weeks to have your permanent dentures created. The time it takes depends on whether you’re getting a partial denture or a full prosthetic.

Implant Dentures Require More Time

With some types of dentures, however, there is some time between extracting your teeth to make room for the prosthetic and receiving your new dentures. For example, if you choose to have implant dentures, there can be a wait time of four to six months while the titanium rods bond with your jawbone before a denture can be fitted.

While this seems like a daunting prospect, the wait will be well worth it because implant dentures tend to last significantly longer than traditional ones. This makes them a great long-term investment as you’ll spend less time and money in the future.

Dentures can be a fantastic solution to a host of dental problems from severe tooth decay to accidental trauma. Sometimes all it takes to embark on such a journey is enough knowledge to alleviate anxiety, and enough planning to follow through.

About the Author

Dr. Racha W. Kadamani believes in maintaining the highest standards in dentistry to provide immaculate care for her patients. She attended the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in California and is an active member in the American Dental Association and Texas Dental Association. To schedule an appointment to begin your denture journey or to explore other services provided at Laith Family Dentistry, visit their website here or call (210) 782-6842.

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