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How Can I Protect My Smile This Summer?

July 11, 2021

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three kids in the pool during the summer

Summer is full of fun and exciting activities. Whether it is spending days at the park, by the pool, or building sandcastles on the beach, you and your kids are likely doing all you can to soak up the warm temperatures. And while popsicles, ice cream, and soda are what kids (and adults) crave most, they can often lead to unhealthy habits and poor oral health. As you and your little ones make the most of the summer, here are 3 activities to be mindful of and ways to protect your smile from serious damage.

When Summer Fun Leads to Dental Emergencies

When you’ve got kids constantly reminding you that they’re hungry and are eager to get to the swimming pool, you’re likely going to reach for whatever snacks and drinks you can find so you can get out the door. By the time you reach the lounge chairs, you instruct the kids to “go play” while attempting to relax as best you can.

While all this might seem harmless, the truth is that the snacks provided and desire to just relax might actually lead to problems for you and your children’s smiles. Here’s how:

  • Tooth Sensitivity – Cold treats like ice cream and popsicles can result in tooth sensitivity if you or your child is already experiencing decay.
  • Cavity Formation – Drinking sodas, energy drinks, and juice as well as eating foods high in sugar and starch can cause cavities to form.
  • Dental Injuries – Whether your child is swimming or playing volleyball in a nearby sandpit, dental injuries can occur if you’re not paying attention. An innocent race to the other end of the pool can result in a knocked-out or chipped tooth should they not be paying attention to the wall. A spiked volleyball can lead to a busted lip or broken tooth.

Ways to Safeguard Your Smile

No one wants to spend their summer seeing their emergency dentist. Instead of trying to juggle your schedule to get you or your child in to see a professional about a bothersome toothache or facial injury, make sure you’re taking precautions to avoid these trips altogether. You can do this by:

  • Using sensitive toothpaste to minimize pain or discomfort associated with tooth sensitivity. A soft-bristled toothbrush can also be helpful to reduce your chances of gum recession caused by hard brushing.
  • Limit your exposure to acidic foods and drinks, as these are known to cause sensitivity.
  • Limit your sugar and starch intake to avoid the potential for cavities.
  • Drink plenty of water as opposed to soda, juice, and energy drinks.
  • Wear a custom mouthguard if planning to play sports.
  • If you have your own pool, check the pH levels to ensure they are in the correct range. Too much or too little can damage tooth enamel over time.

By keeping these helpful tips in mind this summer, you and your family can expect to enjoy healthier smiles that are ready for fall.

About the Author
Dr. Racha W. Kadamani is a trusted dentist in San Antonio with years of experience. Offering kids and parents helpful ways to protect smiles year-round, she understands various summer activities can lead to poor oral hygiene, worsening dental health, and potential injuries. This is why when visiting our dental office, you can trust we will provide beneficial tips and tricks to keep everyone’s smiles looking and feeling their best. Contact us at (210) 782-0008 if you need help to protect your smile this summer.

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