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Replace Multiple Teeth with Dental Implants in San Antonio.

August 23, 2017

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You can replace as many teeth as you wish to with dental implants in San Antonio. Has one of your dental problems caused you to lose teeth? Or maybe you’re a victim of a dental accident and lost several components of your smile. What are you supposed to do now? Dental implants in San Antonio could be the solution that works best for you! Our dental professionals at Laith Family Dentistry are going to discuss how many you can replace with the strategic placement of just a few dental implants.

Your Dentist in San Antonio Can Turn Your Oral Health Around for the Better!

If you’ve dealt with tooth loss, you’ve probably heard someone mention dental implants. This restorative option offers unique benefits that most traditional replacement options can’t offer.

It’s important to keep all of your teeth not just for good looks—but the insides of your teeth (the roots) keep your jawbone healthy. This keeps your mouth and face strong and full. Without the stimulation of healthy tooth roots, patients experience jaw bone deterioration over time, leading to an increased risk of additional tooth loss and a premature aging facial appearance. Thankfully, dental implants imitate all parts of your tooth, including the root.

Use one dental implant to replace a single tooth.

If a patient needs to replace a single tooth, they can depend on a dental implant to do so. During this procedure, your biocompatible titanium implant post will be placed within your jaw. Once it heals and fuses with your body during a process known as osseointegration, your dentist in 78254 will attach an abutment and beautiful dental prosthetic (the part everyone can see). You will have a tooth that looks and functions just like your natural teeth after your healing period.

Use just a couple of dental implants to replace multiple teeth.

Even though you may need two teeth to be replaced, this dental problem can be simply solved with still a single dental implant. The only difference is that two prosthetics will be attached (two tooth-colored crowns also known as a bridge) to fill the gap. In the case that you have two missing teeth that are not close to each other, you will need to get two separate dental implants.

This same process can be applied if you’re missing three or four consecutive teeth. The only difference is that two implant posts will need to be placed on both ends of the gap. This way, your dental bridge will be stabilized on both sides with the help of supporting neighboring teeth.

We can replace teeth throughout your mouth—not just consecutive missing teeth.

If you’re missing teeth throughout your mouth but not consecutively, you can replace them with a personalized partial denture. This dental prosthetic can fit in between your permanent teeth as if it were the perfect puzzle piece to your smile. Your dental implant posts will act as anchors to hold your denture in place.

Can I replace an entire arch of teeth?

Laith Family Dentistry can also securely anchor a custom full denture to your jawbone and restore an arch of missing teeth—or both arches. Usually, you would have to deal with certain inconveniences with full sets of dentures like slippage, jaw bone deterioration, and unpleasant adhesives. But with dental implants, they simply attach to your implant posts.

Get Started with Replacing Your Teeth Today!

As you can see, it doesn’t matter how many teeth you may have left or even where they are in your mouth. Our dental team can work around them to restore your smile back to full health.  If you have any questions or if you’re interested in how you can benefit from dental implants, give us a call today.


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