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Your Child Needs the San Antonio Pediatric Dentist

March 11, 2016

san antonio pediatric dentistYour child’s first teeth are so precious, tiny and white. But did you know they’re just as vulnerable to decay and infection as yours? It’s true — in fact, your little one has some special needs when it comes to his oral health. That’s why it’s important to trust his smile to the San Antonio pediatric dentist families trust, the team at Laith Family Dentistry! Keep reading to learn more about pediatric dentistry and help strengthen your child’s teeth for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

All About Pediatric Dentistry and Your Child’s Smile

Right now, your little one is busy soaking up everything, and that includes how to feel about the dentist. That’s why it’s crucial for her first few checkups and cleanings to be performed in a warm, caring environment… just like the one we’ve so carefully cultivated here at Laith Family Dentistry. Don’t subject your little one to the hustle and bustle of a general dentist’s office. We know visiting the dentist can be a frightening experience for children, but it doesn’t have to be. And we make sure it’s not!

Happy Visit

To introduce your child to the dentist, we recommend starting out with a Happy Visit — or when you bring her along to your own appointment. That way, she’ll have the chance to get used to the sights, sounds and smells of the dental office.

When it’s time for her own visit, we’ll carefully inspect each tooth for evidence of decay, and her gums for signs of infection. Our team of hygienists can also help her understand what she can do to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile at home — like eating a healthy diet and not snacking on too much candy. We can also provide advice for how you can help her brush and floss more effectively, as needed.

Special Pediatric Services

As your child gets older, his smile will benefit from special pediatric services, like dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Dental sealants are thin coverings painted directly onto the surface of back teeth, and fluoride treatments strengthen enamel against decay-causing acids and bacteria. Your pediatric dentist can also monitor for orthodontic needs and make special recommendations as necessary.

Choose the San Antonio Family Dentist

Help your child receive the special care her smile needs while she’s young — choose a pediatric dentist to encourage the very best dental health. Doing so can put her on the road to a lifetime of healthy teeth! Request an appointment online today.

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